Algebra 1 Lessons





Algebra 1 Lessons

Sep 27: Graphing Lines

Fun Exercise for Classwork: Sep 27

Sep 28: Classwork. Do this first

Sep 28: Graphing Lines Review: Classwork, and finish #1-10 for homework:

Fun Game for Sep 28: After you complete classwork. Turn volume down please

October 4: Equations of Lines: parallel and perpendicular

Oct 5: Puzzle for homework

Oct 6: Equations of Lines from parallel and perpendicular. Finish this for homework!

Oct 7: Test Review

Oct 11: Practice Test

Oct 17: Intro to Inequalities

Also visit websiteAt beginning of class for exercises

Oct 18: Inequalities

Oct 19: Compound Inequalities

OCt 20: Linear Inequalities

Oct 24: Intro to Absolute Value

Oct 25: Solving Absolute Value Equations

Oct 26: Solving Absolute Value Inequalities: Fun worksheet

Oct 26 Homework

Oct 27: Classwork

Oct 27: In Class worksheet





Order of Operations

Fractions and Operations

Quadratics Lesson 1

Quadratics Lesson 2

Quadratics Lesson 2 Homework (Mar 23)

Quadratics Lesson 3

Quadratics Lesson 4 (Mar 25)


Quadratics Lesson 5 (Mar 26)

Quadratics Lesson 6 (Mar 29)

Quadratics Review (Mar 30)

Quiz Review

Fractions and Order of Operations: Aprl 6

Solvng Equations: April 7

Inequalities: Apr 8

Absolute Value: Apr 12

Slope Part 1: Apr 26

Slope and Graphing Part 2: Apr 27

Slope and Graphing Part 3: April 28

Solving Equations by Graphing: Apr 29

Laws of Exponents Part 1

Laws of Exponents Part 2

Laws of exponents review May 5

Laws of Exponents Review: Do this first!

Exponent Game 1

Exponent Game 2

Exponent Game 3

Exponents and Scientific Notation: May 7

Scientific Notation Quiz: do Multiply and Divide only: 10 problems

Scientific Notation Game 1

Scientific Notation Game 2: Do Countdown Game: See how many you can answer correctly in 1 minute

Direct Variation: May 10

Direct Variation Part 2: May 10

Direct Variation and Linear Relationships

Solving Systems of Equations Part 1: May 13

Solving Systems of Equations Part 2: May 17

Solving Systems of Equations Review: May 18. Don't forget quiz tomorrow!

Solving Equations with Fractions

Solving Equations with Fractions 2: May 24

Solving Equations with fractions 3: May 25

Solving Equations with fractions and literal equations

Solving Literal Equations Part 2: When Done, Go Here

Basic Factoring: Part 1

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